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Homemade Natural Skincare

Skincare is something everyone invests (or should invest) in, whether that is with time or money. I enjoy investing my time in skincare as it's something that kick starts you for the day and makes you feel at ease before going to bed. I do have to admit, however, that I used to wash my face in the morning when I woke up and only apply moisturizer before applying makeup...and that was it. I underestimated how beneficial a skincare routine can be for your skin and even your well-being. Just the feeling of washing your face and applying a face mask can really boost your spirits.

Skincare can get quite pricey, I can find myself searching down the Superdrug isles, stunned by the price tags on certain skincare products. £18 for a toner in a fancy bottle? Nah, I'm good honey. I completely understand that people wish to spend their money in good quality products that do cost a bit. But with student problems and all that jazz, it ain't so easy. Instead of breaking the bank, I thought I'd take time in researching how to make my own skincare products. These have been recommended by people who have adapted a more minimalistic and cost-effective lifestyle. Although I did have to buy a few products, they definitely go a long way.

I thought I'd explain a bit more about my skin first. I have dry to combination skin, this can be from flaking like crazy to having those visible oily patches in daylight. Unfortunately, I have quite sensitive skin including eczema, meaning that anything that has a lot of fragrance or too many ingredients that I can't pronounce, will end up giving me itchy, irritated skin. I thought that maybe exploring the world of natural skincare might mean that I have less chance of using harsh chemicals and I would know exactly what goes on my face.

I wanted to look for 3 natural products I could make for a 3 step routine: cleanser, toner and moisturizer. I also made an exfoliator to use 2-3 times a week.

Oat Cleanser

Although this does need to be made once or twice a week, it is pretty easy to make and only needs 2 ingredients! To make this for about a weeks worth, all you will need is:

Glass Jar/Plastic Container (I reuse old honey/jam jars)

1 Green Tea Bag

25g Oats

150ml Hot Water

1. Brew a cup of green tea, soak for 5 minutes then remove the tea bag and let cool.

2. Add 25g of oats to a blender, making it a fine flour-like texture.

3. Mix together your oats and green tea in a container and leave overnight.

I find that the oat cleanser can get quite messy but definitely leaves skin smooth afterwards. I am still looking for new natural cleansers to try out and will keep you updated on my blog on my finds!

ACV Toner

So Apple Cider Vinegar has boomed within the health and beauty community. The benefits of this rancid smelling liquid can be from balancing the skins pH to having anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. People rave all about it on the internet, so it wasn't too difficult for me to find a toner recipe ( which is easier to make than the cleanser! ).

Bottle/Container with a spray pump

1 part Apple Cider Vinegar

3 parts Water (Boiled and cooled)

1. However big your bottle is, make sure that the ratio stays the same. Too much Apple Cider Vinegar in the bottle may cause your skin to be irritated from it, however, if your blemishes sting a little that is perfectly fine. Add one part ACV to the container.

2. Boil 3 parts water and allow to cool, then add to the bottle of ACV. Give it a good shake and its ready to use!

I don't apply this all over my face, mostly just the t-zone area and wherever I have spots. I use a small cotton ball and spray it on that before applying it to my face.

Jojoba Oil Moisturizer

To finish off with my favourite product, this moisturizer works miracles for my skin. I did have to buy the ingredients online however they will last me for a loooong time. The essential oils I have are ones that I have researched and found work best for my skin, you can use any essential oils you like.

Glass/Plastic Bottle with Pump

100ml Jojoba Oil

15 drops of Geranium Essential Oil

10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil

Simply add the jojoba oil and essential oils to the bottle and stir well. A little goes a long way so you only need a pea sized amount each time.

Coffee Exfoliator

I like to use this about 2 times a week and normally do this before the whole routine to get rid of any dead skin cells and leave my face lovely and soft. If you're a big coffee drinker like me this will come in very handy. I don't have exact measurements on this, just use as much as you like.

Glass/Plastic Container (I reuse old honey/jam jars)

Loads of Old Coffee Granules

Brown/White Sugar

1. When you're done with your coffee, use the old granules from the machine and scoop into the container, you can leave this in your fridge for however long you want.

2. Add some brown or white sugar to the coffee and mix well.

Gently scrub the mixture on your face in circular motions, it may get messy but it's a lovely treat for your skin.

Here is the list of products I purchased from The Soapery, they're a wonderful company from the UK that are a lot cheaper than what you would find on Amazon. Also, they're offering free shipping in UK so that's a plus!

• Geranium Essential Oil 10ml - £2.99

• Lavender Essential Oil 10ml - £1.99

• Golden Jojoba Oil 250ml - £9.95

What I love about all of these skincare products is that it's so easy and quick to make and definitely saves you money! I have found that using these products over a year have left my skin feeling smoother with less breakouts than usual. I also have noticed that when I do get breakouts, they heal up a lot quicker too. Personally after experimenting with these wonderful products, I feel like I could never go back to using products with so many nasty ingredients. So that's it! What do you think about natural skincare? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Soph x

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