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A Year in Pixels - Looking Back on 2018

Hey stranger, long time no see! I have been bogged down with Uni work the past 2 months and decided to take a good break from everything and relax over the Christmas holidays. I though I would kick start the year by looking back and sharing the best bits from 2018. I have noticed that looking back on the year turned into a massive trend nearing the end of 2018 and as I was focused on work and spending time with my family, I thought I'd wait until 2019. Many people have been sharing their highlights of the year with dozens of photos of each month on their Instagram Stories. Seeing as I didn't have something interesting to share every month, I thought I'd just share what stood out and a give a review of my Year in Pixels. I would love to make this an annual thing, then look back on it in years to come, my own digital scrapbook of memories if you will.

What is A Year in Pixels you ask?

To cut it short (or try to), a year in pixels is basically a personal bullet journal spread where you record how your day has been using a series of colours. I found this idea from trusty ol' Pinterest, where you can find the original here. I have never documented my life in this way before so I thought I'd give it a try and see how far I go with it, I ended up making it a daily habit and completed a whole year worth!

Using this as a means to document my life, has allowed me to see it as a full picture rather than day to day. I can see where I have felt low for a while and where I have felt great. I have also noticed how the months can play a factor for my mood as there are more purple pixels (feeling fantastic, amazing) during the holiday periods like March, July/August and December. After a year of doing this, I am definitely going to continue with it for 2019 as it has become a habit more than anything. It would be nice to compare both of the spreads after the year is complete and see how it has changed!

I thought I'd share some highlights from the year too! I have had one of the busiest years however it has been so memorable!

Explored Paris

For my dad's 50th birthday, he decided to do the marathon in Paris so we all went over to support him! And, of course, have a little sightseeing tour at the same time. Although my family originate from France, I hadn't properly visited the city before that. It was a lovely experience, and even better experience watching my dad finish the marathon. Words cannot describe how proud I am of him!

Finished 1st Year Uni

Starting Uni has been an incredible experience. It has been a constant learning curve in regards to independent living and also the whole student life. Although the first year was quite challenging with deadlines and living with new people (with many different personalities), it was certainly unforgettable!

Backpacking Philippines

Wow, what can I say about the Philippines. Even though Josh and I ended up on a drip in a little clinic in El Nido (maybe some day I'll talk about this more haha!), I would go back in a heartbeat! We went with two of my flatmates and it was truly a fantastic adventure!

Backpacking Europe

Like I said, this year has definitely been hectic with many awesome holidays spent with amazing people. Josh and I spent a month backpacking Europe, from the busy streets of Amsterdam to a little Town in the Austrian mountains. We experienced different cuisine and cultures from all over, after 2018, I can safely say I have the travel bug!

My challenge to YOU

Now I challenge you! Why not have a go at your own year in pixels and see how far you can keep it going. Although it is already the third week into January, there's no better time like the present.

Hoping to have more blog posts coming soon, now that I have a bit more time on my hands! Have a lovely weekend everyone :)

Soph x

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