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Gift Ideas With Soph | "For the Techie"

It's certainly hard to buy presents for those who basically are up to date with all the new technology. Sometimes it can be frustrating as you want to treat them but can't think of anything they don't have! Here are my ideas to help. All products below have their own clickable links.

Amazon Echo

These guys are the best! Having a little helping hand like this in the house is a great way to get stuff done.

Laptop Satchel

These snazzy bags are great to safely carry around your laptop but also be stylish at the same time. I love to use these when travelling as it is easy to pop the laptop out at security.

Laptop Lap Desk

A perfect gift for when it gets a little sore when sitting in the same place after a while, having this allows you to move your work around to wherever you want in the house.

Bluetooth Speaker

This gizmo is great for sticking on some background music/podcasts when busy. It definitely passes the time when doing the chores around the house!

Phone Stand

This is the perfect gift for the multi-taskers or those who are just plain lazy. The hole in the back allows you to charge your phone at the same time.

The next blog post of the series will be the last one before Black Friday, I can't believe how quickly this blog series has went!

Soph x

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