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Gift Ideas With Soph | "For the Indulgent"

I'm going to create the most cozy, relaxing night for you with all of these gifts, can you picture it? All products mentioned in this series will have clickable links for you to check out.

Loose Leaf Tea [£]

Can't start a cozy night in without a cup of tea can we? This loose leaf earl grey will do the trick!

Luxury Chocolate Set [££]

This gift set will definitely satisfy any chocolate lovers needs, paired with a hot cup of tea, coco or coffee.

Chunky Blanket [£££]

Nothing screams cozy more than a chunky knit blanket. You can also buy DIY chunky wool kits to make and customise you own blankets.

Luxury Bath Set [££]

After a looong few months of non-stop work, it's time to take a well earned rest this Christmas and soak in this luxury bath set.

Luxury Candle [£]

Now you have your cup of tea, some chocolates, a warm bath and a cozy blanket. All that is left is a nice smelling candle, or two, or twenty....

This gift idea post is probably my favourite of the series so far. I can't wait for a good break during the Christmas holidays after my deadlines will finally be over. Counting down the days!

Soph x

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