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Gift Ideas With Soph | "For the Class Clown"

Thought I'd make a silly blog post for the series! We all have a fun uncle or dad (that has the most annoying dad jokes out there)...So, here is to these guys! All products shown in post have got clickable links for you to check out.

Funny Pocket Guide Book [£]

Well if your dad is a boring ol' fart, maybe that might change with this light-hearted book for jokes on the go.

Novelty Coffee Mug [£]

Ah, nothing looks more appealing than drinking morning coffee from a toilet mug, drink up!

Pizza Socks Box [££]

Who doesn't love pizza eh? This gift is for those pizza mad people out there, yummy!

Novelty Christmas Jumper [£]

What is Christmas without a silly Christmas jumper? What about something a little different this year compared to the mundane jingle bells jumpers. This is dedicated to one of your well-loved grocery stores.

Novelty Slippers [££]

Cold feet? These slippers should do the trick! This will probably double up as a chew toy for the dog too, bargain!

Feel as if you still haven't found the perfect gift yet? Well we have 3 more gift categories yet to come, stay tuned!

Soph x

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