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Gift Ideas With Soph | "For the Beauty Guru"

This one is for the one that is always looking banging 24/7! If they have what looks like a Sephora shop full of makeup, these gifts will be something a little different to that! All gift ideas below will have their own clickable link for you to check out.

Unicorn Brush Set [££]

If you don't have a unicorn makeup brush set already, why not get one now?

Makeup Brush Holder [££]

You can pair your unicorn brushes with this stunning rose gold desk piece! Everyone loves a bit of rose gold.

Beauty Blender Holder [£]

I have no words. What do you think of these eh? Beauty blender holders or boiled egg holders? Either way, I guess you get two in one with this gift!

Face Exfoliator [££]

A lil' pamper set for those who need a break from the makeup. This set gives you loads of heads to chose from, perfect!

Beauty Dressing Table [£££]

This is certainly every girls dream! These upcycled dressing tables are so unique and grand, you will be the only one who will have one of these!

Still stuck on what to get a loved one this Christmas? Why not head over to the rest of my blog series and maybe you will find something just right!

Soph x

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