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Gift Ideas With Soph | "For the Festive Drinkers"

We are already halfway through our Gift Ideas With Soph series (say wuuuuut?). I'm enjoying this series so far, I've loved capturing festive pictures, finding wonderful gifts and sharing all these ideas for you all! So let's raise a glass of mulled wine (and some very tasty drinks I have in store below) and say here's to the next half of our series! You can click on the links below to find out more about these gifts.

Whiskey Glasses [££]

For starters, you can't raise a glass without one of these fine crystal glasses can you? We all know a festive drinker who would look that extra classy with one of these.

Fancy Liqueur Set [££]

Ooooh, want to feel like a king with this fancy set? A ginger flavoured liqueur drink sounds perfect for the winter season.

Gourmet Alcoholic Sweets [£]

These are delicious! A gourmet sweetie will fill up any stocking, leaving happy smiles all around.

Liqueur Filled Chocolate Crate [££]

At first I thought this was a liqueur crate, but I found out, it's a chocolate flavoured liqueur crate (the perfect combo in my opinion).

Luxury Liqueur Set [£££]

This may be a tad more expensive, but I thought I would throw a more luxurious idea to spoil your loved one.

It's safe to say you will have your loved one spoiled rotten with all these lovely gifts! And remember, please drink responsibly.

Soph x

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