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Gift Ideas With Soph | "For the Movie Buff"

You really can't beat flicking the shoes off, popping into cozy PJ's and watching some Netflix (with loads of popcorn obviously). If the ones you love already have Netflix or Prime, why not give them these lovely gifts. All items have got clickable links for you to check out. Annnnd *slaps clapper board* action!

100 Movie Scratch Off Poster [££]

Now this is a good one, if anyone is a complete movie buff then they would love a classy poster like this.

Personalised Favourite Film Poster [££]

These amazing illustrated posters give a whole new feel to your all time favourite movies (I had to chose Totoro for this one, didn't I) .

Annual Cinema Pass [£££]

Something a little different than the usual gift. If the cinema is the ideal night out then why not save a bit of money and invest in a cinema pass? Perfect excuse for a treat after a long day.

Favourite Movie Steelbook [££]

A steelbook of your favourite movie is such a lovely and personal gift, you can buy these awesome editions on Amazon!

Gourmet Popcorn [£]

Can't have a movie night without some popcorn, am I right? Maybe splashing out in some gourmet popcorn ain't so much of a bad call.

Annnd that's a wrap!

Soph x

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