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Gift Ideas With Soph | "For the Animal Lovers"

Whether it is Vegans, Veggies or those who simply adore animals, these gifts will definitely brighten up their Christmas. Every item in this post have clickable links. Also, what do you think of my adorable new mug?!

Animal Colouring Book [£]

Who doesn't love a good ol' colouring book? This stunning Animal Kingdom book will definitely keep anyone busy during the peaceful Christmas and New Year holidays.

Adopt an Animal [£££]

Well I couldn't make an animal themed post without mentioning WWF. This amazing organisation allows you to adopt an animal and make a difference. You not only receive an adorable cuddly toy but also updates and information about your adopted animal. What an amazing gift to give!

Tea Infuser [£]

How adorable! Know someone who can't beat a good cuppa? Why not give them a happy ( and very sleepy ) little companion.

Vegan Cookbook [££]

For Vegans, it can be hard to find good cookbooks or recipes! This book contains easy meal ideas that look so yummy.

Animal Necklace [££]

What about this gorgeous necklace I found on Etsy! I thought this was a lovely idea for those turtle lovers out there.

I don't know about you, but this blog series is beginning to make me want buy these things for myself, treat yourself and all eh?

Soph x

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