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My Favourite Embroidery Accounts

Hello everyone! I'm continuing on with the embroidery theme as it seems to be getting quite popular! I thought I'd share with you my absolute favourite Instagram accounts for you all. This is something I wanted to do as I know these people definitely inspired me to start up embroidery so, I hope you will maybe feel the same.


This account most certainly throws you into the stunning elements of mother nature. Intricate designs like ladybugs and bumblebees are just so so cute. Loustiches also has an Etsy shop where you can buy her own embroidery designs and also purchase her personal PDF patterns to try yourself!


Namaste embroidery has such colourful designs, I have definitely taken inspiration from this account as they post videos of their pieces and show the steps in how they make them. In addition to their short videos on their account, they also have a website, offering free tutorials and selling starter kits for you to begin with. I thought I'd share one of their most recent posts on Instagram as it definitely has a lovely and appropriate message with it.


I love the theme of this account, the auburn, mustard and purple tones definitely give so many autumn vibes. This account is also on Etsy, along with workshops and starter kits. I love the way she shows her stunning embroidery pieces by immersing you in her own little workshop!

What I appreciate most about every single one of these beautiful accounts is that each one contains their own personal and special touch. Each account is unique and has inspired me to not only take up embroidery, but push me to add my own personal flare to it. I'm sure at the beginning, these gals thought to themselves that there wasn't a chance that they could make such amazing pieces, yet here they are, inspiring many people like me. I encourage you to go ahead and visit these wonderful accounts in Instagram and show some love.

Embroidery update:

I've been experimenting on some t-shirts I had lying idol, thought I'd give them a little life with some autumn-inspired colours. What do you think?

Soph x

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