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My Interrail Itinerary

Hello everyone! Can you believe it's already autumn, say wuuuut? Many of you who follow my Instagram have seen that I have been travelling an awful lot this summer. Now I'm back at Uni I can share my experiences, hence why I decided to make an Interrail series for you all! I have already posted 2 blog posts about Interrail but I'm sure you're keen on knowing what my full 3-week itinerary was? Josh and I have traveled around 5 countries within Europe, visiting capital cities, historic monuments and mountain ranges. Here, I'd like to share where we went and when, giving you a rough idea of how it worked. I hope you'll get some inspiration from this, and a few ideas as to where you wish to go yourselves! I'm going to add how long each journey lasted as well, just to give a rough idea as to how much travelling there really was.

Outbound - 01.09.18

Day 1 - Flew to Amsterdam from Manchester Airport (1hr 20 min)

Day 2 to Day 3 - Exploring Amsterdam

Day 4 - Amsterdam Central Station to Berlin HBF/Main Station (6h 22min)

Day 5 to Day 7 - Exploring Berlin

Day 8 - Berlin Ostbahnof to Osweicim, Poland (8h 38 min)

Day 9 - Day in Auschwitz

Day 10 - Osweicim to Gmunden, Austria (8h 25 min)

Day 11 to Day 13 - Exploring Gmunden

Day 14 - Gmunden to Dijon, France (9h 38 min)

Day 15 - Dijon to Toulouse (5h 41 min)

Day 16 to Day 17 - Visiting family in Toulouse

Day 18 - Toulouse to Paris (4h 24 min)

Day 19 - Exploring Paris

Day 20 - Paris to Stoke-on-Trent (6h)

Inbound - 20.09.18

Jam packed, eh? In hindsight, if I were to do this trip again I would have put more thought into the planning process , avoiding all the long journeys and unnecessary stress. Although on the other hand, the time seemed to pass by fairly quickly! Like I mentioned in my previous post, on Planning for your Interrail Trip, we could have extended our trip to 30 days but in all honesty, 20 days was definitely enough.

So what about you? Where would you like to venture around Europe? I'd love find out, make sure to let me know in the comments. Also if you really want to go Interrailling but don't know where to start, why not drop me a message on my social media and I'd love to help.

Soph x

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