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Søstrene Grene Review

Søstrene Grene is a quirky yet stylish, Danish shop, similar to Paper Chase or even Ikea, which has amazing items from cute stationary to furniture to various loose tea herbs. I tend to find myself immersed in their stores, wandering around and taking in all the adorable little features they hold. And the best thing about this shop? It is much cheaper than your average stationary and homeware shop yet still has great quality items. As a student, this shop is great for making a boring, old dorm room look homely for a reasonable price. Recently, I was fortunate to win a competition of theirs, and with all the prizes sitting in my room, I still can't quite believe it.

Søstrene Grene has released a new collection by the name 'Creativity and Joy- Summer 2018' this features office supplies and workspace items for the organised and minimalist. I find this collection ascetically pleasing with a relaxed, pastel palette. I received their new collection of items and can't be more grateful to have them for university. I am a student going into second year uni and love to bullet journal to organise my time wisely. This new collection offers notebooks (both ruled and blank) along with paper clips, pencils, gel pens, notepads and more. I have made a bullet journal spread as an example of how I have used these items, along the lines of self-care and self-love.

You can find more bullet journal spread ideas on my Pinterest Board.

What I really love about Søstrene Grene, is their DIY Corner on their website. Giving ideas and tips of creative projects and even some bullet journalling tutorials. This is a wonderful shop for a little 'me time' by winding down and enjoying some TLC whether that is crafts, herbal teas, baking, journalling and much much more. I find it relaxing to also read their peculiar Facebook posts of stories of Anna and Clara, the founders of this shop. The stories are a joy to read and offer little treats and ideas to enjoy using their products. You could say I'm a little biased of this shop, but honestly who wouldn't be as it is a minimalists dream.

Here are some additional supplies (I will be posting a tutorial on how to dry and press flowers pretty soon) which I love to use on a daily basis to organise and write my checklists/shopping lists.

Along with bullet journalling, I also spend my free time doing embroidery (some ideas also on my Pinterest Board). Søstrene Grene offers many supplies in order to create beautiful pieces of embroidery to share with loved ones or perfect for gift ideas.

All in all, this shop is a treat. Go and visit their shops across the UK and Ireland with amazing displays of their new collection. You can find their website here along with their new collection PDF here.

Soph x

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